Woman’s screams about Toronto Community Housing repairs outside mayor’s office interrupts press conference with Premier

March 1, 2018

By Arianne Robinson

In the midst of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s answer to a reporter’s question about the possibility of implementing photo radar before mid-2019, a woman’s piercing scream outside the mayor’s protocol lounge interrupted her.

Sound of woman screams outside Mayor John Tory’s office that ended press conference with Premier Kathleen Wynne (at 11 seconds in).

“There’s a bullet in my f–king window,” the woman screamed.

“You mother f–ker… not trying to help me…Targeting me. I’ve been emailing every f–king day and nobody’s f–king listening… now we can f–king talk about it, now there’s a f–king bullet in my window mother f–ker,” the woman yelled on the other side of the locked doors where approximately 30 members of the media were gathered.

After screaming, woman explains her grievances over not having her emails responded to and what she described as a lack of repairs to bullet holes in the glass in her home.

“Why the f–k isn’t my glass fixed yet? Monday. Today’s f–king Thursday. There’s a bullet in my f–king window. This is my message from housing,” the woman yelled, agitated about repairs that she said hadn’t been fixed at her Toronto Community Housing unit.

Moments later, after the situation de-escalated, Tory finished taking questions from reporters, including follow-up questions regarding Toronto Community Housing commitments Tory said he would get from the provincial parties.

On Monday at a press conference about repairs to community housing, Tory was firm in his desire to get an answer from party leaders on their commitment to funding repairs to Toronto’s social housing stock.

“As you all know we are now weeks away from a provincial election, and I will be, starting with meetings that will happen even this week, holding the Liberal and Progressive Conservative leaders to account, so we know what their plans are relative to the NDP’s commitment that is on the books now from Andrea Horvath to me, to fund a one-third share of the repair bill for Toronto Community Housing.”

Today, the mayor backtracked on that statement.

Asked whether he was disappointed that he didn’t get the commitment to spending a third on community housing today from Premier Wynne, the mayor said, “No, because I know how the system works. I’ve been around for a long time and I know that any premier or party leader is unlikely to choose the mayor’s office – well, they could, but they’d be unlikely to choose the mayor’s office to make a significant announcement about housing or transit or anything else.”

Tory went on to say he will wait until the leaders put their platforms forward before making his position clear. “What I am saying by holding them to account is I will ask them the questions, which I have done, absent the new Conservative leader, and then I will give you my own assessment, not in a partisan way, but just in a way as to how well I think they’ve done in meeting our needs.”