(Updated) With the last registration day looming, there is one councillor registered to run for council without contest

July 26, 2018 (Updated)

By Arianne Robinson

As of Thursday afternoon, one incumbent councillor is running without contest: Josh Matlow (Ward 26).

There have been four acclaimed councillors since 1998 (when a number municipalities in the GTA amalgamated into one as the City of Toronto).

In the 2000 municipal election, Kyle Rae was acclaimed as councillor of Ward 27, and David Soknacki was acclaimed in Ward 43 following being elected in a by-election in 1999. In the 2003 election Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti was acclaimed for Ward 7, after winning the 2000 election. Councillor David Shiner was also acclaimed in the 2003 election for Ward 24, after being elected in the 2000 election.

The reason for the low number of people running is not clear. The 2018 election will use new ward boundaries, increasing the number of wards from 44 to 47. There are also shorter timelines for candidates to register; the 2014 registration period was almost three times as long.

The first week of July marked the three-quarter point in the period of time candidates could register their nomination for both elections.

As of July 6, on the three-quarter mark of the nomination period of the 2014 election, there were 241 people registered to be candidates, whereas this year it was 148.

The discrepancy in the number of candidates registered to run for mayor was greater. On the three-quarter mark of the nomination period of the 2014 election, there were 71 people registered to run for mayor, whereas this year it was 15 at the three-quarter mark (18 as of day of publication).

Friday, July 27, is the last day for candidates to file and withdraw a nomination. On Monday, July 30, the city clerk will announce which candidates are eligible to run (there are a number of reasons a candidate could be deemed ineligible) and will declare any acclamation.