When it comes to transit planning for Scarborough, mayor and Scarborough councillor want to go farther on the Eglinton East LRT

May 7, 2018

By Arianne Robinson

At an announcement on Monday morning, Mayor John Tory, local-Malvern Councillor Neethan Shan, and Chair of the TTC Josh Colle unveiled a proposal to add to the plans for the Eglinton East LRT. The addition would have the line extend north of the 401 to Malvern Town Centre.

“This [additional segment to the Eglinton East LRT plan] will give council the opportunity to consider the entire project all at once early next year,” Tory told reporters and a handful of supporters who gathered at the announcement.

The idea, if passed by city council, will add more work to what is already under way in the planning of the Eglinton East LRT.

“Lots of people have talked about Scarborough transit, but I’m actually determined, with my council colleagues, and with the support of the city council, to deliver significant new transit – the entire Scarborough network transit plan – to the people of Scarborough,” the mayor said, not mentioning transit users in other parts of the city who might also use the future transit.

It is unclear whether the additional segment will delay council’s already stated objectives for Scarborough transit planning. In 2017, city council directed: 1) the city manager to report to the Executive Committee by the second quarter of 2018 with a construction timetable and funding plan for the Eglinton East Crosstown Extension; 2) that the Eglinton East LRT and the Scarborough Subway Extension be considered as one network; 3) the city manager, in collaboration with the chief executive officer and Toronto Transit Commission, to report back in early 2019 with an evaluation and prioritization of the full range of current transit expansion projects, including, but not limited to, Eglinton East.

On Monday morning, Tory advocated for adding to the plan now, in the interest of having one big map for later.

“I think it is sensible and I think it is far-sighted for us to move forward with the planning and design work now on this extension to Malvern,” Tory said, “so that we can get that work done and have a complete project in front of us when the time comes to actually talk about construction.”

The report that will be heard at the Executive Committee next Monday suggests a construction timetable and funding strategy to be developed as part of a “Scarborough Transit Network Business Case Analysis”, to be reported to the the new term of council in the first quarter of 2019.