“We’ve made the playoffs,” says Tory of Toronto’s spot on Amazon HQ shortlist

Jan. 18, 2018

Mayor John Tory held a last-minute press conference on Thursday to respond to news that Amazon had chosen Toronto as one of only 20 cities shortlisted in a competition to build the new headquarters – and the only Canadian city selected.

The mayor’s top message?

“This is a team effort – it’s Team Canada now. I hope with the Government of Canada and Government of Ontario and all the municipalities and Toronto Global – that’s what it’s for – we’ll sit down together and map that out. We didn’t know if we’d make the short list, and the short list is like making the playoffs but it’s a long way from the prize.”

Tory included the idea at least five times in the press conference, ending on a response to a question about whether the bid is really for Toronto itself or other municipalities nearby.

“I’m the mayor of Toronto, but I’m also part of [the organization] Toronto Global… of course I’d be thrilled to see them locate as many jobs as possible in Toronto, but I’m part of a team. In the end I believe a rising tide lifts all boats. So we’ll put our best foot forward to win this thing and to get these jobs because the jobs will be occupied by people who are from the Toronto region, and educated, I hope, in Ontario or from around the world and want to come and enjoy our fabulous quality of life here,” Tory said.