Ward 2 seat

July, 2016

Ward 2 seat to be decided on Monday. It’s been four months since Rob Ford’s passing and the by-election for the role of city councillor for Ward 2 will be held Monday. The Sun’s Daniel McKenzie was the first writer to name Jeff Canning as the main competition for Michael Ford. The Star’s Jake Kivanc followed, calling them the front-runners after the debate at Martin Grove United Church last week. CBC.ca staff included pictures of the two candidates in their cover photo, with fellow candidate Chloe-Marie Brown also featured with a photo and Christopher Strain mentioned in the text. The Globe kept their coverage focused on the Fords: Marcus Gee profiled Michael, and Jeff Gray interviewed  Councillor John Filion, who compared Ford Nation to Trump Nation. Signal Toronto caught up with these candidates, and others, in last week’s issue. You can watch those videos on vimeo.