Uber changes

April 7, 2016

Uber changes. Municipal Licensing and Standards Executive Director Tracey Cook unveiled over 100 recommendations for a new vehicle-for-hire bylaw on Thursday, which will put to rest any question of Uber being legal. “There’s a difference between creating a regulation that recognizes that it’s a permitted entity and holds them to account, versus what we’ve had up until now, which is regulation that doesn’t include them, so it’s a very different focus.” The next step is for the recommendations to be debated among politicians, Cook said. “These are simply recommendations that I am making based on the information that we have,” Cook told the media at a special briefing on the new regulations on Thursday. When pressed on how involved Uber was in the process of drafting the report, Cook could not have been more clear in her repeated response: “The city writes the city’s bylaw. The city writes the city’s bylaw.”

VIDEO April 7, 2016: Sam Moini, President of the Fleet Operators Association, speaks to media after the report is released. “I think Councillors are not going to put up with what Uber has done,” Moini said to reporters.

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