TTC subway train crossed Bloor viaduct with doors open

TTC Board, May 31, 2016

TTC subway train crossed Bloor viaduct with doors open. TTC staff explained at the TTC board meeting that the fault was mechanical, although the protocol in this circumstance is for customers to be moved out of the car and for it to be cleared and barricaded. Passenger witnesses told TTC staff that doors were open at Castle Frank station and stayed that way until  they got to Broadview station. Andy Byford said that “slightly conflicts with other evidence.” During the board meeting, Mazin Aribi of the Advisory Committee on Accessible Transit voiced concerns that the car continued to move while the door was open. “We always have comforting news of the train will not move when any of the doors are open.” Aribi reminded the committee that people with mobility devices can get caught and the train should not leave at all when any of the doors are open. On the day of the TTC board meeting, every major media outlet reported that a TTC worker was fired over the incident.

Video taken last week of TTC doors open as train crossed Bloor viaduct

(Watch here on Vimeo)