Statement from TTC Chair Josh Colle on recent service disruptions

Jan 31. 2018

“Over the last few years the TTC has made it a priority to maintain and upgrade our core infrastructure. After years of neglect we are making the necessary investments to improve our subway system to make it more safe and reliable. We are spending millions of dollars to upgrade our signalling system which will drastically improve the flow of our trains and reduce the number of signal-related issues. We are completing track work, which maintains the strength of our rail system and prevents problems before they occur. I can assure you that work is funded and happening every day. While we are undergoing all that maintenance work, we are simultaneously in the process of adding capacity to our subway system as we carry out planning work for the Relief Line.

Yesterday’s service failures are that much more frustrating in light of all the good work that is being done by the TTC to improve subway service. It is even more frustrating for our loyal passengers who experience delays. To this end, I have asked that the failures experienced yesterday be addressed at our upcoming TTC board meeting. This review will include how we can further mitigate this from happening in the future. While significant state of good repair work is happening as we speak, I believe there were many things that require further explanation from the TTC.

We owe it to our very patient and loyal customers to demand these answers and to make sure they receive the best possible transit service every day.”