“Tory vs Mammoliti” on garbage collection

Hall monitor: seen and heard at city council

Feb 4. 2017

Following December’s council meeting debate over road tolls (“Tory’s top take-out-tear-down-tell-off moments of the December 2016 city council meeting”), this week Toronto City Council started the new year with a debate about creating competition for the contract for garbage collection east of Yonge and in Scarborough.

Currently, curbside waste pickup belongs to the public sector union CUPE 416. The debate on whether the city should move forward in the competitive bid process has been a big issue at city hall, including at November’s Public Works and Infrastructure meeting, as well as January’s meeting, and even drawing former premier Bob Rae to city hall to defend the public sector union.

Then, in a surprise turn, Mayor John Tory started this week’s council meeting by referring the issue back to staff, effectively delaying the decision. City councillor Giorgio Mammoliti was not happy about it.

Among the terse and tense exchanges between the mayor and Mammoliti were accusations of defensiveness,  “alternative facts,” and a “poison pill” motion gone to “la la land.”

Here are the highlights:

Jan. 31, 2017. Highlights from the terse and tense debate between Mayor John Tory and Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti over the length of the union’s contract with the city for waste collection. (OR WATCH ON VIMEO)