Toronto Police task force calls for big changes and innovation

June 16, 2016

Toronto Police task force calls for big changes and innovation. The mayor’s task force released its first report, calling for a shift in the culture of policing.

The direction:

  • Shift response to non-emergency calls away from police and to other agencies.

  • Changes to policy requiring two officers in every car.

  • Support recommendations by the city to change provincial requirements of paid-duty officers.

  • Give police more neighbourhood roles and mobile technology.

  • Develop technologies (such as a mobile app) for residents to send photos and videos to police who may be nearby.

Still to come:

  • Which other agencies will be involved in responding to calls?

  • Will calls still come through 911?

  • Who assumes liability if the situation is dangerous?

  • Can two-officer-in-car policy be negotiated?

  • If the role of paid-duty officers changes, who will regulate a traffic warden role?

  • What kinds of technology will the police have, and will there be a facial recognition element?

  • How will photo and video data that is submitted to the police be managed without huge costs?

The task force will release updates in the fall, with the final report expected at the end of 2016 or in the new year.