9:55 a.m. Nov. 2, 2017. At the beginning of a special meeting of Toronto City Council, less than 30 councillors were seated in chambers to appoint the councillor for Ward 28, replacing the late Pam McConnell.

Nov. 2, 2017

By Arianne Robinson

Toronto councillors broke for lunch on Thursday after hearing from 23 candidates, including Lucy Troisi, former manager of the parks department at the City of Toronto, and Michael Creek, the candidate the late councillor’s family endorsed.

The day started a bit slow, with less than 30 councillors (out of 44) in attendance, and few questions were posed to candidates. More questions were asked as the morning progressed.

Mayor John Tory was scheduled to speak in a roundtable discussion with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Google parent Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt at Google Canada’s Go North conference at the Evergreen Brick Works later in the morning, but stayed at city hall for the meeting.

Spokesperson for the mayor Don Peat explained, “The mayor stayed out of respect for all the candidates vying for this appointment. He didn’t want to leave when some people haven’t had the chance to address council yet.”

By the end of the morning, 40 councillors were present in chambers.