The video about Toronto, as though it were a person named “DT”

April 7, 2016

City of Toronto gets super self-conscious in its own video… and it’s a bit weird. As part of a campaign this week to solicit public engagement on planning for growth in Toronto’s downtown, the city produced this video, which is essentially a bunch of actors and councillors talking about downtown Toronto as though it were a person named “DT” who is finally all grown up. It’s shot like an ad (the opening scene has a life insurance vibe to it) and scripted like a public service announcement, and it feels targeted to a young, nerdy policy planner crowd that’s so blinded by the civic values in the video that the self-reflexivity actually comes off as… cool? Dunno. If the intention was really to engage the public and take its opinions seriously, they might have gone with a slightly less ironic tone. However, we did love the Guidance Councillor Cressy gag. Worth a laugh, at or with.