City-funded dance battle happened under the Gardiner, and it was pretty cool

Aug. 27, 2017

WHO: Approx. 150 people (at time of report), some passersby

WHAT: Street dance battle to house music tournament

WHERE: 29 Lower River St., at Underpass Park (under the Gardiner Expressway)

WHY: Bring people, and attention, to the area

HOW: Funded by Waterfront TO, produced by Parks N’ Wreck


Q & A with Sarah Tumaliuan, co-director of Parks N’ Wreck

What’s street dance? “Street dance takes many forms. The one that we’re showcasing today in particular is house – house dance  – so house dance music and house dance culture – and we’re showing that through the dance battles as well as the live DJ.” Is it different from breakdancing? “B-boying, b-girling, and breakdancing is a different style, so it’s to hip hop music. We’re dancing to house music today so … it’s distinctively about footwork grooving, freestyle, freedom of expression.” Why street dance? “We love it [street dancing]. Toronto’s bubbling with it, unbeknownst to a lot of people here, so we kind of just wanted to show them that this is alive and well… kinda bringing that club vibe out on a Sunday afternoon for the public.” Why here? “The murals bring that live vibe and the vibrant artistry that is in the city, so we wanted to enliven that with people and bodies moving, and hopefully people that pass through take a look, dancing with us, and hopefully learn a little more about the culture that’s in this city.”