SIU report Andrew Loku

Black Lives, Meetings Matter. The mayor is meeting with leaders in the black community — but not organizers from the Black Lives Matter movement — on Saturday. This part of the story broke on Monday following Mayor Tory’s announcement, reported David Rider in The Toronto Star. CBC Radio’s Matt Galloway asked Sandy Hudson, one of the Black Lives Matter Toronto organizers, for a response. She said it wasn’t unexpected. There will also be a public meeting in the future, reported David Nickle in the City Centre Mirror, which Black Lives Matter organizers plan to attend. The meeting comes on the heels of further developments on the investigation into the fatal death of Andrew Loku by a police officer. Following last week’s Coroner’s inquest into Loku’s death, The Toronto Sun’s Shawn Jeffords reported that Premier Wynne has pledged to release the SIU report that cleared police of any wrongdoing.