Scarborough subway decision passes at city council

City council meeting, July 2016

One-stop Scarborough subway decision passes at city council. A decision to build a new station will extend subway service further east on the Bloor line, despite 16 councillors who voted for alternate light rail options. Mayor John Tory championed the extension, saying that in 25 years, people will be thanking him for it. Councillor Josh Matlow who continued to advocate for a 24-stop LRT alternative up to the vote, said he would put aside politics and work with council if the subway option was chosen. The marathon debate at council had the Mayor happy to look to the future. “I’m sure the people in Toronto will be just delighted — and I say that tongue in cheek — to know that we’ll be at this debate again in 30 years,” said Tory. The Scarborough subway is part of Tory’s SmartTrack plan that includes another subway “relief line” in the city’s east end. The exact placement of the subways has not yet been determined by council. (Written by Sindi Skenderi and Arianne Robinson)