Monday highlights


Reporter for The Globe and Mail, Jeff Gray:

“Mr. Brown, question about the Toronto Community Housing. I’m sure the mayor’s made the case to you a number of times now, including just now, that they actually need 800 and something million dollars over the next several years to fix these buildings that are in terrible shape. They’re closing hundreds of units, but all you’re offering is a deal with natural gas that will get them six million bucks, which is a pittance. So are you really a partner with Toronto, are you actually going to consider putting this money into a problem that governments of your stripe created years ago?”


Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and Ontario’s Leader of the Official Opposition, Patrick Brown:

“Well, we certainly had a great conversation on the need for looking at — I think Toronto’s putting $250 million already to go towards this rebuild — understanding that the bill is quite significant. We have to take care of these people, I get that, I appreciate that. Right now we need to look at the provincial books, make sure that the help Toronto needs is there, and certainly it’s a conversation we started today. I realize we have to do our part.”


Reporter for 680 News, Momin Qureshi:

“Minister, you’re here minutes after Patrick Brown spoke this morning — it’s an unscheduled, unplanned news conference on your part. Has Mayor Tory become a fourth-party power player in this election? He seems to have a lot of pull now, when all parties are scrambling to get his approval. Is he a power player now in this election?”

Minister of Transportation for Ontario’s government, Steven Del Duca:

Del Duca“No. I don’t look at it that way. Look, I’ve lived here in the GTA my entire life, I grew up in Etobicoke, I’m now proud to live in Vaughan, and I know, like everyone else that I surround myself with, we understand very clearly what happens when Conservatives are put in charge with respect to transit and transportation. We know, in this region, that when Patrick Brown and his party were last in power, they killed and filled the Eglinton subway, that they tolled and sold Hwy. 407. Those are two critical transportation decisions in this region that set us back for decades. Those are decision that conservatives made when they were last in power that we are now trying to fix, and I don’t think the people of this region or this province will be fooled again. I wanted to be here today to make sure that we kept the record straight.”