Metrolinx and TTC public board meeting

Transit region rebrand: Integration. Twenty-some attendees were part of a joint Metrolinx and TTC public board meeting on Wednesday night at Metrolinx’s office, where the main theme centred on both the importance and challenges of working together as all systems assimilate. Particularly bumpy: the problem of integrating fares where a rider travels between regions on two systems, each subsidized by its own residents. There’s also the question of what to do with Toronto’s own smoothly integrated system, where pricing is not based on transit type, if in future the rest of the region sets pricing on mode. Despite all this, Metrolinx’s Bruce McCuaig said the new Presto card system will update fare collection to be on par with London and Hong Kong. He also highlighted a pilot project to develop a uniform symbol for all transit in the region, in a move away from the individual branding of the TTC, GO, etc. Metrolinx Chair Prichard kept a strictly timed agenda, telling everyone at the conclusion of each discussion point exactly how many minutes they were behind schedule. TTC Chair Colle joked that their meetings at City Hall usually last eight or nine hours.