Judson residents cement batching plant turned into a park

City Council meeting, June 2016

Developer 1, local residents 0 (so far). It’s an issue that has all the elements of a small town family drama meets a blockbuster hit about city planning. Or something like that. Mimico-Judson residents lost their dreams of having the “illegal” noxious cement batching plant turned into a park. This week, city council carefully voted for a new development, even separating the issue out as its own vote in the final bills. In the end, the direction was clear. The land will go to Dunpar Homes. But word on the street (and on a Councillor Mike Layton’s Twitter) is that this issue won’t end here. Local resident Sam Piscione could not believe the decision, “[I was] Flabbergasted. Astounded. It’s Brutal.” With a major provincial transit plan at play, and Metrolinx’s stated interest, it’s hard to imagine that this is the end of this story. Screenwriters take note, there just might be a kernel of an idea for a hot mini-series about urban development hidden at City Hall.