John Tory tries a late-night talk show vibe in Mumbai

Hall Monitor: seen and heard on Periscope

Mayor John Tory hosted his own talk show at the Mumbai Twitter office this week, alongside City of Toronto Film Commissioner Zaib Shaikh (you may remember him from Little Mosque on the Prairie). The two were in on a 10-day mission to India and Sri Lanka this month.

The Periscope-streamed video, tweeted by the mayor’s account, drew in around 2,500 viewers. Not the best ratings in history, but not the worst.

The talk was all what you’d expect: some highlights from their itinerary over the course of their business mission in India, encouraging people to visit Toronto etc. Viewers also had the chance to post questions on the video itself, as seen below (the tenor of comments, and the format, are not unlike city hall)

The tone never quite reached late-night level, but the 10 minute, 47 second video did give the mayor a chance to be John Tory. He said he does not use Twitter to editorialize; he has seen other people do that and get into trouble as a result. Speaking about the volume of Indian film production: “By the way, as a matter of size – because we all know that size matters…”  Responding to Shaikh’s birthday wishes to Twitter, “Eleven years old. Fantastic. Hard to believe we made due without it. It says on the wall here every character matters, I think is what it says, and I guess that’s true when it comes to tweeting,” Tory said, revealing that he is not the person who labours over making every word count on his social media accounts.

Tory has 189,000 followers on Twitter.

Screenshots from the Wednesday night (local Mumbai time) Periscope stream:

Periscope screenshot 'how are you'

periscope '250'

periscope '2700'