John Tory: “It is time that… I stop being treated, as a little boy in short pants”

11:29 a.m. Jan. 27, 2017. John Tory speaks to reporters following Premier Kathleen Wynne’s morning announcement that she will not support road tolls.

“You know it is frustrating for me as the mayor duly elected of the biggest city in Canada … to have our needs which are legitimate and catalogued and measured in areas like housing and transportation where there are extraordinary needs that go way beyond – I heard the minister refer this morning, in the same breath as talking about Toronto, to the bus service in Wawa and Sioux Lookout … the notion that we would be compared – and I say this with no disrespect to these communities whatsoever; I’ve been in them all. But the notion that you would compare the needs of a city of millions of people that has millions of people going to work on transit and going to school every day, and the notion that we’d be put in with them – that’s part of the problem here. … It is time that we stop being treated, and I stop being treated, as a little boy in short pants saying please, could you help me out with something that I thought was in the City of Toronto Act that I could do, and to be told, ‘No I’m terribly sorry. Go away and come back some other day when houses are falling down and having to be closed up, transit needs are not being met, traffic is in chaos,’ and that is just something that is a reality that has faced my predecessors and it faces me now, but I’m not giving up.”