Indigenous Health Strategy

Board of Health, May 30, 2016

New indigenous health strategy. A report titled ‘A Reclamation of Well Being: Visioning a Thriving and Healthy Urban Indigenous Community (2016 – 2021)’ was presented to the Board of Health. This is the City of Toronto’s Indigenous Health Strategy and was created to improve health outcomes of indigenous people in Toronto. The process involved the establishment of the Toronto Indigenous Health Advisory Circle, so indigenous people could be involved in policy making. One volunteer member, Dr. Janet Smylie, a family physician and public health researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital, said the problem is in the health data and low census participation rates by indigenous people. Smylie explained that the majority (80%) of indigenous people in Ontario (which has the largest number of any province or territory) live in urban areas. “We don’t really have alignment of our policy tables or funding.”