Hall monitor: seen and heard about which teams the mayor will (and won’t) cheer for

Oct. 20, 2017

Reporter: Mayor Tory, a light hearted question for Friday. The mayor of New York City is not cheering for the Yankees because he’s a diehard Red Sox fan, which I can’t believe he got elected in the first place then, but however, do you think that mayors should have to cheer on their local sports teams?

Mayor John Tory: I think it’s understandable that people in their genetics – I meet a lot of people, for example, in Toronto – well not a lot, but a few misguided souls – who are Ottawa Senators fans. And if I happened to be one of those people because I’d somehow grown up with an attachment to Ottawa, I would understand when my team was in the playoffs that I might be kind of quietly cheering them on, but once they’re out, and even before they’re out, I think if you’re the mayor of the city – I mean this is our team. The Leafs, Raptors, Argos, FC, Blue Jays, they’re our team, and I’m the mayor of this city, and so I would say that I’d be cheering for them – now, I would be anyway. I mean, I can’t even imagine a circumstance if I did come from Ottawa that I would cheer for the Senators. They’re just not to be cheered for, but having said that, I’m surprised, but everybody’s got to do their own thing.