Councillor & TTC Chair Josh Colle announces he will withdraw name from candidacy and not seek re-election

July 25, 2018

By Arianne Robinson

“The future is bright for transit in Toronto,” Josh Colle said at a press conference on Wednesday morning as he announced he will not run in the October municipal election.

“It’s a tough decision. You become so invested in your community and your city, and there’s always a project you want to finish and see through, and I get why people end up staying here for a long time,” Colle told media. “I intend to always advocate for this city and be involved, and as the mayor said, who knows, maybe even one day I’ll darken these doors again.”

Colle said there were a lot of highlights in his term including seeing through changes in Lawrence Heights from “vision and plan to reality.”

The outgoing TTC chair thanked his councillor colleagues and recalled the first budget battle of last term as a highlight for the “mighty middle.”

“Councillors really rallied to change a budget that spoke to Torontonians to make sure that services they wanted were protected… It showed councillors that if they can get organized together and step forward – as much as the mayor – can really shape the course of this city.”

At of time of publication, Oleksandr Bomshteyn was the only other candidate running in ward 13. By the end of the day, Mike Colle (the current councillor’s father) had registered and Josh Colle had withdrawn.

Watch the full news conference here.