CondomTO: “Cover your lumber, jack” NOW AVAILABLE




Sept. 13, 2017

The City of Toronto announced that the winners of condomTO contest (2016) are up for grabs.

The top four wrapper designs are now available, with a regular size, plain, lubricated, latex condom included, at nine health centres across Toronto, including the Immigrant Women’s Health Centre on College St. west of Bathurst St. (489 College St.) and at the Hassle Free Clinic on Gerrard St. west of Church St. (66 Gerrard St. East.)

The winners were announced last November. The city said hundreds of entries were narrowed down to 10 finalists.

The new condoms may also be available at other locations across the city such as youth-serving agencies, AIDS service organizations, and colleges and universities.

The student grand prize winner, by Andrea Por,  is a condom with the image of a TTC transfer and the words, “Time Issued: TRANSFERS ARE FOR BUSES ONLY. Day 069.”

The open grand prize winner, by Diane Adams, is a red condom with “TORONTO” in the centre and the phrase “PUT IT ON” in black.

The runner up open design, Serge Leshchuk, is a simple message on a tiled wall: “CondomTO RIDE RESPONSIBLY.”

The student runner up (and let’s face it – the hippest design), by Janine Thomas, had the message “Cover your lumber, Jack,” on red and black plaid,  with an image of a man’s face with a mustache and hat.