citybeing ‘sitIbjing

noun, adjective

1 a general quality of mood associated with life in cities. (After months in the bush, she was relieved to immerse herself in citybeing once more.)

2 the temperament or set of characteristics perceived as belonging to a particular city. (Toronto’s citybeing seemed profoundly unlike Montreal’s due to its sheer size and work-to-live attitude.)

3 a city inhabitant, esp. one who seeks out activities and lives in a way unique to urban life. (Ironically, citybeings are known to get lost at times in the city’s downtown core without Wi-Fi or GPS mapping.)

4 a personal quality, behaviour, or style seen to be caused by life in a specific city. (The way he dressed had Parkdale citybeing written all over it.)

5 the desire to identify with a particular neighbourhood, through heightened interest in local happenings and repeated interactions with strangers. (He always exchanged a knowing citybeing nod with the shop owner, despite not knowing his name.)

by Kyle Carpenter




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