by Elianna Lev

Planning a date around a hot and heavy make-out session in your car may not be top of mind for an evening out with your dearest in Toronto. Places like L.A. and Montreal, which boast mountainous peaks where you can park, provide a casual yet reasonable excuse to drive to a look-out. Toronto is more of a flatscape. But don’t let the GTA’s lack of summits deter you from exploring this important activity in other secluded, and romantic, public spots.

Namely Cherry Beach.

Known for its summer parties, Cherry Beach is without question one of the best places in Toronto to make out in your car. A set of wheels gives you the freedom to access the great outdoors, while technically staying in the comforts of your own zone.

Located near Leslie spit on the Port Lands, it’s remote yet accessible, making it a compelling locale to, ahem, unwind with your beloved.

By day, when the tide isn’t high, it attracts a plethora of rocking bods who bump volleyballs and throw Frisbees, snack on sandy picnics and dip in the great lake. It’s a slice of Baywatch right in the 6ix.

By night, it’s a spot yearning to be rocked…by love.

Pull up to the parking lot and a curtain of trees welcomes you.

It’s best to arrive before dawn or after dusk, which, let’s face it, is prime canoodling hours. That way, you can avoid the crowds who converge there when the weather’s nice. (It’s also probably best to avoid this attempt on a Sunday, when the beach welcomes DJs to set the scene.)

Go during the week when it’s calm. Switch off your engine and revel in the quiet. Suggest a stroll by the cool lake. The crashing waves may help you two cool off when things get too heated.




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