Called out in council for “pulling a Pasternak”

10:06 a.m. April 26, 2017. Councillor David Shiner (standing) teases Councillor James Pasternak (left). “I am definitely stretching it a little bit, but I’m not ‘pulling a Pasternak.’ ”

April 26, 2017

David Shiner, Chair of Planning and Growth Management Committee Chair: Unfortunately, what’s not on the agenda and was supposed to be here, are reports [from Planning on their timelines and key performance indicators]… That was supposed to be at the April meeting. Supposed to be at the May meeting. It’s not there. It’s not going to be here until the fall. And I have, as chair, some difficulty being able to fulfil my responsibilities to you for supporting those additional staff, if I can’t even get a timeline to know when we’re going to look at those matters because they should be on the agenda, Madam –

Speaker Frances Nunziata: Councillor Shiner, it’s not on the agenda.

Shiner: No, but they were in the minutes.

Speaker Nunziata: Well no, we’re not talking about the minutes otherwise we’ll be here three days.

Shiner: I appreciate that, Madam Speaker –

Speaker Nunziata: You’re pulling a Pasternak.

Shiner: Please. You know, in due respect, I am definitely stretching it a little bit, but I’m not “pulling a Pasternak.” Because then I would be talking about the full design of something that happened somewhere else that wasn’t even on the agenda, cuz – I don’t have a fire chief in my area, I don’t have hospitals closing in my area – I mean, “a Pasternak” is far out. And I’m at least close to what should have been on the agenda, but I will stop at this point.

Speaker Nunziata: Thank you.