Sweeping up savings on city cleaning

Audit Committee, July 4, 2016

The Cadillac of cleaning services? Auditor General finds possible $2 million in savings. A report from the Auditor General’s department shows how $2 million could be saved in facilities management, depending on council’s decision for where it wants to cut. City staff explained that $140 million spent over five years was based on size of cleaning area, frequency of routine, and supplies/equipment. In one example, 39 facilities receive what staff called the “enhanced” level of service (intended to be for executive political and showpiece facilities) instead of “standard.” Staff said a reduction of staff hours would affect overall costs. “I know many of the cleaning staff work extremely hard,” Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler said. “My mother was a cleaner, so I really know how hard they work, and I helped her a lot. This report is really to support to make sure we get the best value from our staff.”