Bloor bikes lanes here to stay

Nov. 7, 2017

Toronto council voted 36 – 6 in favour of keeping the Bloor bike lanes permanent, on Tuesday afternoon.

As of lunch on Tuesday, city councillors had concerns and praise for the bike lanes on Bloor in the Annex.

“[The bike lanes on Bloor Street] affects the people that I represent in the west end of the city,” Etobicoke Councillor Stephen Holyday told reporters after the morning session. “Many of them that do use Bloor Street use it as an automobile route, simply to get to work or maybe get to a medical appointment downtown. As we sever off east west routes in and out of the city it becomes more and more difficult for people in the west to remain connected to their downtown. They feel isolated – they don’t feel like they’re part of the city anymore. I think we need to include them.”

“I would like to see us reverse any decisions made here on bicycles on Bloor Street,” Etobicoke Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti said. “I think they need be revisited next term of office [after the next municipal election in October, 2018], and I don’t think we should be spending any more money, and you know why, because council doesn’t have the flavour or the pulse of Torontonians right now. They’re doing it based on ideology, their decision making, and they’re not doing it based on what the taxpayer wants.”

“I think most importantly is the safety data because that’s why we’re doing this in the first place,” downtown Toronto Councillor Mike Layton told reporters at the lunch break. “We have a project on Bloor that has demonstrated it is safer for cyclists and for pedestrians and for other drivers on the road. We’ve been able to build a piece of infrastructure that’s attracting new riders, and this is the one thing we hear, more often than not, is, ‘Well I can’t bike, the infrastructure is not there. It doesn’t exist. It’s not safe.’ Well this demonstrates that if you do build the infrastructure they will come.”