Attention landlords: city council wants to license you

City Council Meeting, June 2016

Attention landlords: city council wants to license you. Just when Tracey Cook thought she was through with licensing headaches at the city, one of her MLS committee council members had an idea. Councillor Josh Matlow, one of the councillors who worked on the taxi and Uber issue, has been working on the idea of landlord licensing for multi-residential buildings. Unlike the current complaint-based Multi-Residential Apartment Building audit program, the licensing program is being pitched as a proactive system. Like the city’s DineSafe program that regulates food safety, this proposal could include a variety of new tools such as unannounced inspection officer visits. However, critics of the move say it will be ineffective to get to the really bad apples, an undue burden for good landlords, and the cost will eventually mean rent increases. For a quick brief of all sides of the argument, see our Weekend brunch and dinner party talking points.