Oct. 17, 2017

By Arianne Robinson



The number of available emails read by this city hall reporter regarding evaluation of the Bloor Street West Bike Lane Pilot Project on the eve of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee.



The total number of available emails supporting the permanence of the bike lanes on Bloor Street. The majority of the remaining (64) supported bikes lanes in general.



The amount of emails that included these exact statements (presumably copied and pasted or forwarded from the same original email):

“The new protected lanes on Bloor Street allow drives and cyclist to co-exist in their own safe, predictable space.

A city-wide network of protected bike lanes – like on Bloor Street – are key to achieving Vision Zero.

I support making the pilot Bloor Street bike lanes permanent.”


6 (or 1%)

The number of available emails that were not in favour of keeping the bike lanes in their existing form or that were unclear if they supported or were against the bike lanes.



The number of communications not read by this city hall reporter but referred to online because they were not available.


Update: The remaining 345 emails were made available in print at Wednesday’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting. A quick look at each indicates most were in favour of making the bike lanes permanent.