About Signal Toronto

Signal Toronto started in the spring of 2016 with a mission to be a weekly news magazine-style publication about politics and policy at city hall.

We write for a growing number of Torontonians who want a snapshot of what’s happening in their local government.

Our readers want factual and timely reporting on the latest details and developments in local politics at their municipal government, told in a direct and meaningful way. They want to know what’s happening in their city, want to feel hopeful about its future, and appreciate multiple viewpoints in a story – as opposed to reporting that feels like it is following a political agenda.

We accomplish this through on the ground reporting at city hall, always striving to add depth to a story. We are part of the new movement of independent digital journalism dedicated to providing insight into what happens in our democratic institutions, always reaching to cut through the noise to find the most important information for our readers. And sometimes we see things at city hall that make us laugh, and we share them.

No matter what the subject, we are committed to balance, and to telling stories about the entire city. We see our job as translating the advocacy by politicians, policy influencers, experts, and community leaders into thoughtful, original, inspiring journalism about local government that will enlighten and inform our readers.

We are independently published, believe in ethics and responsibility in political reporting, and follow the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Signal Toronto was founded and is run by Arianne Robinson, an experienced former CBC producer, writer, filmmaker, and journalist with a passion for news media, urban communities and the politics and powers within them.